What are lash extensions?

Semi-permanent lash extensions are made up of a synthetic fiber that mimic the shape and feel of natural eye lashes. The extensions are applied to a single natural lash. They come in a variety of lengths and curvatures that are hand selected by your lash artist to complement your eye shape and the desired look, ranging from a natural enhanced look to a more dramatic overall feel.

How long should it take?

The entire process, starting with the consultation, then the application and finishing with a quick lesson on after care is booked for two hours and typically takes close to that entire time. You can expect your follow up fill-in/maintenance appointments to last around an hour.

Is it painful ?


How long do they last?

Lash extension application should never be painful. Guests feel relaxed and some even sleep during their appointment!

With proper maintenance and refill applications lash extensions can be worn indefinitely. Typically after two weeks you will start to notice that your lashes look less full. This is because as your natural lashes grow and ultimately shed your extensions shed with them. This is when we recommend you see your lash artist for a fill-in appointment.