Our Lashes...

Here at The Lash & Beauty Boutique lash extensions are not an after thought that we have added to our menu. Instead lashes are our only thought! We eat sleep and dream about your lashes, and that shows in our final product.  Have a look at our service menu, feel free to reach out with questions or click the link at the bottom of this section to book your appointment. 


Keeping it Classic

Just as it sounds, the classic lash creates a beautiful and natural look.  Classic lashes are always a great fit and definitely recommended for the first time lash-er. During your first visit you will have a thorough consultation with your lash artist. The consultation will help your lash artist determine what kind of a look you are comfortable with. From there a custom lash look will be created just for you. 

Classic Lash Full Set: $125

Classic lash Fill-In Options: 
One week: $30
Two Week: $55
Three Week: $75

Turn up the Volume

Volume Lash Extensions have a unique density; consisting of super fine individual extensions that are hand fashioned to create a fan like appearance. Our volume lashes are extremely luxurious and should not be confused with  clusters or flares. As with our classic lash extensions, a thorough consultation will take place before your lash look is created. During your consultation, your lash artist will take into account your natural lashes always making sure not to apply anything that could compromise the integrity of your natural lashes.

Volume Lash Full Set: $200+

Volume lash fill-in options: 
One week: $40
Two week: $60
Three week $80

A little something extra...

Lash Lift & Tint: $75
Not quite ready to try lash extensions? Still looking to move away from your mascara and have that 'wake up and go' look? Our lift and tint is just what you need. Lift, separate, and color your natural lashes for up to six weeks of maintenance free lashes. 


Volume Accent:   $35
Want to add a little extra to your classic lash set? Try a volume add in to thicken things up without going all volume. Perfect to fluff up your existing full set or add some volume to your next fill-in.